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Mckinney Historic Neighborhood Association

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Our Town:

The history of McKinney, one of the oldest towns in North Texas, dates back over one hundred and fifty years to 1841.  In July 2010, McKinney was ranked 5th place in CNN's Money Magazine’s list of best places to live in the United States. Even though McKinney is one of the fastest-growing cities in the metroplex, our gem of a Historic District neighborhood doesn’t feel like it!

 Our Motto:

As the 2nd largest Historic District in the state of Texas – we strive to promote, develop, cultivate, maintain, and preserve the aesthetic, civic and communal characteristics of our neighborhood. Priding ourselves on the strong sense of community, sharing a bold love for the unique and quirky that gives us the “small town feeling”.

 Our Spirit:

Many factors combine to make our McKinney Historic Neighborhood Association a truly special group, it is the residents who bring these vibrant qualities to life. “Remuddling” (remodeling gone wrong) was once popular here, but focus is on historically/architecturally sensitive remodeling. We enjoy comparing notes, exchanging contacts, ideas and experiences of restoration. We also believe strongly in supporting our local economy, merchants and Farmers Market. Our neighborhood is reinventing and rediscovering itself by attracting many young professionals with children, artist and folks who enjoy living in an area that shares the same interests. Today our neighborhood is an eclectic mosaic of history, culture, architecture and people!


Our infrastructure, including the exterior of our homes, the sidewalks and the streets, are subject to the ordinances and guidelines of the city of McKinney. While this places additional responsibility on us, it also adds to the value of our properties.


We communicate within our members via email with invites to all events, updates on current happenings and pertinent information from the City of McKinney. MHNA events include; General Meeting with informative guest speakers, Ladies-Night-Out, Summer Party, National Neighborhood Night Out, Oktoberfest, Christmas Party and pot-luck dinners. Visit our website for current events and membership information.

Your participation is important! Please consider joining the MHNA, or renewing your membership if you haven't already done so. Dues are $40 annually. Contact Diane Craig at craigdiane120@hotmail.com for new membership or visit the Membership Dues page to learn how to join and pay dues.

THANK YOU for helping to make McKinney Historic District a great place to live!